Birdshit Buddhas

Birdshit Buddhas

Birdshit Buddhas is Rob Birdwell, trumpet; Chris Rorrer, cello; John R. Campbell, guitar synth, words; Doug Meyers, guitar; Kevin Van Walk, percussion
  • 06:37 Story Lyrics Damascus



    Under these exact circumstances—mist, 

    and light penetrating lowering clouds—

    the wet asphalt of a battered highway 

    turns to silver before me. And then white,

    as if opposites were only degrees of light, 

    atmospheric merely. At any moment,

    the world I've constructed might vanish, 

    and a blinding road, to Damascus, or

    to precisely nowhere, might suggest 

    my journey. I proceed thus blindly. I go

    with no expectation. The slow, groping, 

    empty-eyed pilgrim grasps nothing

    but the moment at hand.

Recorded live at Hovering Horse, Corvallis, Oregon, January 2014