Birdshit Buddhas

And Then He Dived In

Birdshit Buddhas
John R. Campbell words; Birdshit Buddhas, music


Birdshit Buddhas:

Rob Birdwell, trumpet

Chris Rorrer, cello

John R. Campbell, words, guitar synth

Doug Meyers, guitar

Kevin Van Walk, percussion


Recorded live at Hovering Horse, Corvallis, Oregon, January 2014


And Then He Dived In


And then he dived in, naked out of necessity.

Spirals hovered in his wake, and anthems

were sung spontaneously. We sang until

our pores were open by the same chill pond

that enveloped him. He knew and we knew

the water was song. The songs were the water

and the path to the water. Proximity is everything.

Suddenly another among us arose, walked

straight to the water, and dived. We never

saw him again/alive. Now a new mimicry

skirts our lives, and trims our ancient need.

Now we study in the field, incessantly.

We disperse in patterns themselves quite beautiful,

striations on the body of time.