Birdshit Buddhas


Birdshit Buddhas
Words: John R. Campbell; Music: Birdshit Buddhas


Birdshit Buddhas:

Rob Birdwell, trumpet

Chris Rorrer, cello

John R. Campbell, words, guitar synth

Doug Meyers, guitar

Kevin Van Walk, percussion


Recorded live at Hovering Horse, Corvallis, Oregon, January 2014





Under these exact circumstances—mist, 

and light penetrating lowering clouds—

the wet asphalt of a battered highway 

turns to silver before me. And then white,

as if opposites were only degrees of light, 

atmospheric merely. At any moment,

the world I've constructed might vanish, 

and a blinding road, to Damascus, or

to precisely nowhere, might suggest 

my journey. I proceed thus blindly. I go

with no expectation. The slow, groping, 

empty-eyed pilgrim grasps nothing

but the moment at hand.